Members of the CEPU SA have decided to form a social club for union members to meet quarterly to promote greater interaction between members from different workplaces and industries.

The CEPU SA Social Club will hold events quarterly for members of the Social Club.

Membership to the Social Club will cost the following rates;

  • Honorary Members – $0/week
  • 1st year Apprentices – $0/weekImage result for beers"
  • 2nd year Apprentices – $1/week
  • 3rd year Apprentices – $2/week
  • 4th year Apprentices – $3/week
  • Everyone else – $5/week

Payments to the Social Club need to be paid to the following;

  • Account Name – CEPU SA Social Club
  • BSB – 882 000
  • Account Number – 67637

The rules of the social club can be found here. If you wish to take part in CEPU SA Social Club Events fill out the form bellow.

Join form:

social club
I would like to join the CEPU SA Social Club, and; *