Ark Tribe Rally November 24th 2010

“Ms Gillard “should decide what side she’s on, I reckon” – Ark Tribe”

“The controversial ABCC was established by the Howard Government and has the power to coerce construction workers into secret interviews without legal representation of their choice – powers that exceed even those of ASIO.

For allegedly failing to comply with the interview process Mr Tribe was dragged through the courts for 18 months facing a jail term of 6 Months. Mr Tribe’s lawyer defended the case on a technicality, arguing the investigation was not properly authorised so the charge was laid unlawfully.

Hundreds of CEPU members joined the CFMEU, other Unions and concerned citizens at a rally in support of Ark Tribe outside the Adelaide Magistrates court. The landmark Ark Tribe verdict was handed down on 24th November at Adelaide Magistrates Court, and he was found not guilty. The CEPU will continue campaigning alongside all Unions to ensure that building and construction workers are treated no differently from the rest of the workforce.

The Labor Government must deliver on its promise from the 2007 election to abolish the ABCC and the coercive powers which discriminate against building and construction workers. Unions, the Australian Greens and some ALP members are calling for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to scrap the ABCC.”