CEPU SA State Council

The State Council is the decision making body of our union. State Councillors meets monthly to receive reports from branch officials, make operational decisions and oversee union finances. State councillors are rank and file members elected by CEPU SA members to represent them based on industry sectors. The number of State Councillors for each sector is proportionally based on the number of financial members in that sector as at the quadrennial elections.

State Councillors are deemed ‘Officers’ and are required to comply with obligations under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. The Registered Organisations Commission publishes an Officers induction kit that can be accessed via this link:

ROC Officers Induction Kit


Jason Harrison

CEPU SA Branch President, SA Branch Executive Member, Delegate to Divisional Council

John Adley

CEPU SA Branch Secretary, SA Branch Executive Member, CEPU National Councillor, Delegate to Divisional Council, Divisional Executive Member

email: JohnA@cepusa.com.au

mobile: 0447 803 299

Electricity Supply Industry

Nick Barrett

Rachael Lawley

Andrew Nagel

SA Branch Executive Member

Max Mawby

Electricity Contracting Industry

James Cooper

Adrian Valente

SA Branch Executive Member

Defence Industry

Daniel Ramm

CEPU SA Vice President, SA Branch Executive Member


Manufacturing Industry


Andy Howells

SA Branch Executive Member

Gas Industry

Bruce Evennett

SA Branch Executive Member


General Trades

Darren Brenton

SA Branch Executive Member

Carl Muegge

Plumbing & Fire Protection Industry


Dion Czerwinski

Transport Industry

Taylor Grace

SA Branch Executive Member

Affirmative Action

Bridget Hallion

SA Branch Executive Member