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18 March 2022 the election for the office of Gas Industry State Councillor has concluded. No nominations were received by the AEC. The AEC Post Election Report can be accessed HERE and the Declaration of Results can be accessed HERE.

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SA Power Networks / Enerven Enterprise Agreement Updates.

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ADA CEPU partnership

The CEPU has partnered with ADA Australia to assist all CEPU SA members and their families to ‘Stay Safe and Be Well’ by providing you with resources, advice and assistance for getting help when you need it.
With this partnership, you now have access to the CEPU SA Support and Learning Hub, a one-stop shop for all of ADA Australia’s services.
The Hub is there to help you grow your knowledge concerning mental health, alcohol and drugs, and is available 24 hours a day.
Additionally, ADA Australia also provides a 24-hour telephone helpline, ‘A Friendly Ear’, which is available to all CEPU SA members and their families. If you are carrying any concerns of mental health or o
ther disorders, or are concerned about a family member or workmate, ADA Australia’s friendly Ear service is always there, always ready for the call.
Our direct helpline can be contacted on 1800 232 287.
$ Recovered for members in 2021
$ Recovered for members so far this year

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14 hours ago


ABS stats don't lie. Senior economic commentators like the Reserve Bank Governor are right. We have a serious problem with wage growth in Australia.
A major part of the solution is to amend the Fair Work Act to remove structural limitations on workers power to bargain fairly with employers.
The current ability of employers to unilaterally and unfairly rip up enterprise agreements during negotiations needs to be removed to restore some basic fairness to the bargaining process.
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17 hours ago


CEPU SA MEMBERS TAKE INDUSTRIAL ACTION✊️✊️. It was fantastic to catch up with these great members this morning. Their employer Enerven are trying to take away the workers rights and conditions, so these guys took action and we caught up to discuss many safety issues that are appearing on sites! Education and support are key! Well done Comrades✊️✊️ ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago


CEPU Organiser Erin Hennessy is packed and ready to head off on this years Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre to help to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention.

If you haven't already and you can, please donate with the link below!
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5 days ago


Today SA Power Networks sent Powerline workers home from their Wingfield depot without pay claiming in a letter given to workers citing "We have not been able to find you any duties for you to be usefully employed on this day despite our best efforts" While over 7000 defects exactly like these remain on the network.

We got in the car and went for a ride around the wingfield depot area and within 30 minutes of looking, found 5 defects these workers could have been sent out to fix. From rotten wooden crossarms to broken and damaged cables at the top of the stobie poles.

The "fix it when it breaks" mentality of SAPN has got to be addressed and is a shameful attitude, especially when you couple that with sending workers home without pay while the network deteriorates to the point of failure. Just have a look at what we found in 30 minutes and SAPN are claiming there is no work for these workers to do, despite their BEST EFFORTS.

This is disgraceful conduct by the company and they need to stop this practice at once. Shame SAPN Shame!
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6 days ago


Comrades at the Semaphore Workers Club for Sam Wallman's book launch this past weekend. ... See MoreSee Less

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