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14 hours ago


Once again, full-page ads are appearing in newspapers around Australia calling on the Crossbench Senators to reject the government's appalling hypocrisy and VOTE NO to the Morrison Government's "Ensuring Integrity" law.

Millions in wages are being stolen, the big banks are committing thousands of criminal breaches and getting off scot-free, and workers are dying on the job.

But instead of trying to pull big business and the banks into line, the Morrison Government wants to make it harder for working people and their unions to seek fair pay and safe workplaces.

Come on Jacqui, Rex, and Stirling. It's time to stand up for working people.

Give these Senators a call and respectfully urge them to vote no to the Ensuring Integrity law.

(03) 6431 3112 | (02) 6277 3357

(08) 8232 1144 | (02) 6277 3785

(08) 8212 1409 / (02) 6277 3128
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1 day ago


Out and about today at the woolies distribution centre construction site with the snagin wagon. On another note the annual construction industry picnic day is only 10 days away and the t-shirts are in! ... See MoreSee Less

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