It is a requirement for Registered Electrical Workers to perform LVR/CPR training every year. The CEPU SA periodically organises LVR/CPR Courses for members through PEER at a discounted rate.

The course will be booked provided there are enough people (10-16) to fill the class. Please indicate which class option you would be interested in attending and once we have locked in a date you will be contacted for confirmation.

If you have a current CITB number they will cover $75.00 of the cost, the outstanding amount will be payable upon completion of the course. If you do not attend a course we have you registered under, you will be required to make payment in full prior to the next course you sign up for and will be refunded after successful attendance. Please ensure your CITB number is current, as you will be required to make payment in full if it has expired.

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