Employees within the public sector have customarily accepting lower wage increases than those expected in the private sector. This has been a conscious decision taken with the knowledge that in return they enjoyed greater job security due to tenure within the public sector.

Currently the State Government is unwilling to offer any extension of the no forced redundancy policy past 30th June 2014. Conversely it is also unwilling to negotiate on any redundancy provisions above the safety nets contained within the relevant awards, while at the same time is petitioning for employers within the private sector to ensure job security, including generous redundancy provisions for employees.
Recent years have seen an unprecedented move towards outsourcing and the privatisation of facility maintenance and services within the public sector, especially in Health. This has only heightened concerns regarding security of employment for those currently providing these services.

With both sides of politics yet to announce their policies regarding the Public Sector Workforce, these public sector employees are calling for some security and certainty for the future of those that provide these essential services for the people of South Australia.