STAND UP for APPRENTICES is the national campaign of the Electrical Trades Union to improve the conditions for Australian Apprentices. Apprentices are key to our country’s future, but apprentice conditions have deteriorated to the point where a first year apprentice earns as little as $7.22 an hour.

STAND UP tackles this disgrace head on. For the halls of Canberra to the shop floor, the ETU will do whatever it takes to give our apprentices a fair go.

The centerpiece of the campaign is the ETU’s application to Fair Work Australia, the independent umpire for employment. Our apprentices deserve to be treated fairly for the hard work they put in, which means:

  • a $137 weekly increase for first year apprentices
  • increases for apprentices in their second, third and fourth years
  • better protections for apprentices when they’re studying at tech or Tafe
  • This will be start in making sure our apprentices are treated right.

In addition the ETU will be coming to a worksite near you. We will be going out across the country to let people know about the problem and getting their support for the campaign. If you would like someone from the ETU to come to your worksite to talk about STAND UP, let us know on Facebook or contact the local office of the ETU.

The ETU is in for the long haul, but we need your support! Whether it’s as easy as liking us on Facebook, to joining the Union, to actively getting involved on the ground, we’re looking for whatever you can do to help. We all need to work together if we’re going to STAND UP for APPRENTICES.