Health and Safety Representatives (HSR’s) are recognised by the WHS Act to represent the Health and Safety of workers in the workplace.

Trained HSR’s have enforcable powers under the WHS Act provided they have recieved training from an approved provider.

HSR’s have the right to request training from a provider of their choice and their employer must make reasonable steps to provide that training within 90 days of the request being made.

To get a better understanding of our members access to HSR’s, please fill out the survey bellow.

HSR Survey
Are you currently, or have you previously been a HSR? *
Were you a HSR for your current employer listed above
Why did you stop being a HSR? *
Did your employer register you as a HSR with Safework SA? *
As a HSR did you recieve training? *
Where you aware that HSR's can request a training provider of their choice? *
Did you request a specific training provider? *
Were you provide the training by the requested provider? *
What reason was given by the employer to use a different training provider? *
As HSR have you ever issued a provisional improvement notice? *
As a HSR have you ever directed unsafe work to cease? *
During your time as a HSR have you ever felt bullied or intimidate by your company for raising safety concerns? *
During your time as a HSR did your company respond to your concerns in a timely manner? *
During your time as a HSR did you conduct an investigation into a health and safety issue? *
During your time as a HSR has SafeWork conducted and inspection in your workplace? *
Did the SafeWork Inspector notify yourself or other HSR's when entering your workplace? *
Did you attend with the SafeWork Inspoctor while they conducted their visit? *
Did the Inspector report to HSR's at any point during or after their visit to notify them of any issues identified? *
Does your current workplace have a HSR? *
Has your HSR ever directed you to cease work for health and saftey reasons? *
Has your HSR ever issued a Provisional Improvement Notice at your workplace? *
Has your anyone at your workplace requested a HSR?
Why hasent anyone at your workplace requested a HSR?
Why hasnt a HSR been elected? *
How was the HSR for your workgroup chosen? *
Does your workplace have a health and safety committee made up of at least 50% employee nominated representatives? *
Has anyone requested to form a Health and Safety Committee? *
Prior to the election of HSR was there discussions regarding the size and makeup of the work groups? *
Do you believe the number and size of the workgroups has been adequately chosen? *