Heath and safety in the workplace is Union business. It is up to workers and the representatives of workers to ensure that health and safety is not compromised by risks in the workplace. Your CEPU SA Organising team is here to assist with any WHS questions or concerns.

This webpage will develop over time and is intended to be a place for members to access WHS information and resources. If you have WHS information that you wish to share with your fellow union members, please get in touch.

Workers need to control the risks associated with working in inclement weather conditions. A graphical representation of the industry agreed hot weather policy can be downloaded here: BIRST hot weather policy

Established industry guidelines agreed by the union and employers association NECA for the supervision of Apprentices in electrical trades: Apprentice Supervision Guidelines

Temporary Construction site wiring does not mean dodgy dangerous wiring. The Australian Standards still apply: Temporary Construction Wiring Rules Safety Alert